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Brant Blue Canoe

Summer 2019 marked the launch of a pilot campaign, Brant Blue Canoe. Designed to leverage more visitors to the main natural visitor destination asset within the County of Brant, the Grand River. In partnership with the County of Brant Tourism, our primary objective of the campaign was to retain this captive visitor market, (already purchasing paddle experiences of either of the two key outfitters), and harness their stay by offering them an incentive, and token savings to redeem at any one of the 31 participating tourism businesses.

The 2020 (year-two) campaign evolved from a wooden token redemption to the introduction of the paper “Paddle Pass”. With 43 tourism business partners that have submitted “exclusive access” offers and discounts for the paddlers whom have just enjoyed a river paddle package, each customer is invited to redeem their Paddle Pass for instant savings and discounts within the County of Brant. Paris, Burford, St. George, and Mt. Pleasant are represented in the program.

This community-based initiative strives to build a strong economic influx of consumer spending through this destination awareness initiative.