Visitors from beyond Ontario’s borders play an important and growing role in HHBRTA’s sales and marketing efforts. Building relationships with key travel influencers, including tour operators, receptive operators, travel wholesalers, travel agents and online travel agents, helps to better promote Hamilton Halton Brant’s features, benefits, and experiences. We use a variety of targeted sales practices, including:

  • Rendezvous Canada
  • Familiarization tours
  • Industry association alignment and partnerships
  • Building relationships with media and influencers
  • Working with Destination Ontario International Sales and Destination Canada International Sales

Are you ready to start promoting your tourism products to the international inbound market?

Equipping your business to promote and sell its tourism products to international markets requires a commitment to enter and stay active in that market for a minimum of three years. The following standardized criteria offer a snapshot of the actions your business must take to demonstrate visitor and market readiness for the international tourist audience:
  • Have a clear understanding of pricing, including net pricing, commission structures (Receptive Operator, Tour Operator, Travel Agent), as well as booking channels
  • Be able to provide and honour confirmed pricing in writing 12 to 18 months in advance, as travel trade planning takes place far ahead of actual arrival
  • Have proof of current and applicable insurance and licensing to operate in Ontario
  • Have an efficient, easy, and fast operating system for reservations and changes that provides instant confirmation
  •  Accept payment by cheque, wire transfer or credit card
  •  Offer a billing system function and be able to extend credit to receptive tour operators
  •  Provide written confirmation of allocation of booked space, seats, etc., for advance bookings
  •  Use clear industry standards for purchase and cancellation terms and conditions
  •  Provide accurate product descriptions, including what is included and what is not included
  •  Provide any comfort instructions, including what to expect, wear, bring, timing, duration, etc.
  •  Deliver on what you promise
  •  Adapt to cultures and languages to better serve the market you are trying to attract
  •  Develop a marketing plan and marketing toolkit, including a budget for international channel distribution, that reflects the target international audience(s), market(s), and relevant product offerings
  •  Ensure your website is current and offers functionality for mobile users

opportunities to connect with travel trade audiences

Once your business is visitor- and market-ready for international audiences, we can help you connect with the travel trade through a number of events and organizations, including:

Rendezvous Canada
This invitation-only marketplace held each spring provides qualified buyers of Canadian travel products with the opportunity to explore available tourism products, network, and forge partnerships across Canada’s tourism industry.

Destination Ontario (D.O.) and Destination Canada (D.C.) Sales Initiatives
We regularly collaborate with provincial and federal tourism industry colleagues to connect with travel trade markets. In addition to providing us with invaluable market intelligence, through their support and partnership, we can extend our reach to more buyers who are seeking the types of experiences that Hamilton Halton Brant offers.

Indigenous Tourism Ontario (ITO) and Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC)
We work closely with ITO and ITAC, who champion the creation and marketing of culturally authentic experiences, to help develop and promote products to international audiences that extend awareness of our region’s rich Indigenous culture and heritage. To learn more contact Bev Scott, Manager Business and Visitor Experience Development.