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HHB Marketing Opportunities


#FeatureFriday is a new social series by Hamilton Halton Brant to promote tourism businesses and operators new products, events and experiences. Every Friday from March through May, we will feature a business' new offering. Fill out the form here to be featured on our social media channels.

Criteria for partner feature:
- Business must be located or operate in the regional boundaries of Hamilton, Halton and Brant
- A new or innovative product, experience or event that is currently being offered or will take place before May 31st
- If a product or virtual experience, offer should be available for purchase online, curbside pick-up, delivery or in-store
- If an experience or in-person event, offer should be available on a daily basis or by reservation/registration
- Must have active social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter)
- A related high-quality image for posting purposes

Feature includes:
- Two Instagram Story features in our #FeatureFriday series
- Included in the #FeatureFriday Instagram highlight reel until offer is invalid
- One post on Facebook, one post on Twitter



Put your business in front of new potential customers through focussed Marketing Campaigns and broaden your consumer audience in the GTA, Southern Ontario, Niagara Region, and new Border USA with year-round HHBRTA Marketing Opportunities. 


Our 2020/21 marketing campaigns and tactics are in full swing and we need you to help us position our region as a compelling destination for Great Canadian Day Trips and overnight stays. 

Create an operator profile on our website and upload your event listings, experiences and tour listings and travel deals at your own convenience. Review HHBRTA's Partner Website Criteria to help you prepare to create your profile and listings. 


Keep your company profile looking fresh on by updating content when applicable or adding a new image. An Operator listing describes a business or organization that caters to visitors and offers tourism products and experiences (e.g. accommodations, restaurants, shopping). A qualified Tourism Operator must: 

• Be Consumer Ready and visitor friendly (has a working - visitor friendly website, set hours of operation etc.)

• Have contact information 

• Have a target audience that includes consumers outside of immediate community 

• Have an experience or product that will draw consumers to travel to the Region 

• Be a Non-Chain or Franchise (ex. Tim Hortons or Kelsey’s)

If you do not have a login, please email your Account Manager. If you don't know who your Account Manager is, please Click find out. 


Send us your best hotel packages, dining deals and admission offers. In return, we'll help spread the word about your offers in ongoing marketing tactics including e-marketing, social media activities and blog posts. 

* A qualified Travel Deal listing must reflect a value-based, monetary discount on an Experience & Tour Listing, Festival & Event Listing, or other product offering for which fees are charged at your establishment (e.g. admission, tickets, accommodations, meals, etc.) 

• The Travel Deal or Discount listed must provide clear direction on how to access or redeem (e.g. a printable coupon or voucher, a description on how to redeem onsite your establishment, a link to your website detailing redemption method, etc.)

• Please note, it is critical that your front line staff be fully versed in all of your Travel Deals/ Discounts offered in order to answer visitor inquiries.


Hamilton Halton Brant is known for having some of the best festivals and events in the province, and visitors are often checking our calendar on to see what’s coming up next. 

A  qualified Festival & Event listing is an event, festival or a series of public activities organized annually or biannually within a time bounded period, with specific programming developed for, marketed to, and attracting tourists. Your festival and event must be: 

• Open to the public at large, without memberships in a club or group

• Must not be a community focused event (if core audience is community based it is not a tourism event) A FUNDRAISER IS NOT AN EVENT

• Must actively market to an audience that includes those outside a 40+km radius


A qualified Experience & Tour listing should profile an offering delivered by an operator that provides a visitor with an enriched understanding of the destination (the specific operation or the larger destination). Experiences may include:

• Examples include: immersive, hands-on, interactive or unique activities

• May be offered on an ongoing basis or during a time bounded period

• May or may not charge a fee

• Must actively market to an audience that includes those outside a 40+km radius

Make sure consumers know what’s happening at your business or in your area by frequently updating your event listings, experiences and tour listings and travel deals. To upload offers to theheartofontario.comlog in with your user access. If you do not have a login to upload offers, please contact Brittany Hunter.

To upload your listings and deals, log in with your user access. If you are having any technical issues regarding your login information and need help uploading, please contact Brittany Hunter.

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