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Digital Assets

Media Hub

HHBRTA encourages and welcomes industry and media to use our images and videos. We have many owned high – quality digital assets in our Media Hub which grants access to our assets that can be used in different marketing tactics. Using the Media Hub is simple and provides industry and media the opportunity to collaborate digitally with us. Assets in our Media Hub can be accessed here. In order to start downloading and using the assets found within our Media Hub new users must first create a profile. Once your profile is created you can select digital assets to download, a request to approve the assets you wish to use will be sent to HHBRTA staff before you are able to download the assets freely.

To make a specific request of image or video not found within our Media Hub, please contact Brittany Hunter. In your email request, please include the following information:

  • What kind of images you are looking for (outdoor, cultural, landscape, city, etc.)
  • What size the images need to be (high-resolution and low-resolution is available for most)
  • What the images will be used for
  • How many images you need
  • When you need the images (two days, one week, etc.)

Please allow 1-2 business days for a response to your image request.


CrowdRiff Connect

HHBRTA uses CrowdRiff which houses our digital assets in our Media Hub, highlighted above as well as allows us to access thousands of UGC for our marketing campaigns and tactics.

Through CrowdRiff Connect HHBRTA will be able to better access your business's Instagram content which helps us amplify and showcase your content on our social and digital channels. 

For more information on CrowdRiff Connect click here.

HHBRTA CrowdRiff Connect Link 


Logo Guidelines

A HHBRTA logo usage guideline has been developed for partners and industry to refer to when including existing HHBRTA logos on their marketing and corporate properties. This new process was created to increase brand consistency by demonstrating how, when and where individual logos should be used. Download the guideline here.

Image Ontario

Access hundreds of images from the region with Destination Ontario’s online media library that can be accessed here. Access to online video, multimedia and information is also available. Download the Image Ontario Guide to learn how to navigate the platform and more.

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