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Destination Ontario (DO) Opportunities

HHBRTA partners and operators are encouraged to take advantage of DO’s free marketing opportunities by uploading listings, offers, festivals, events and packages to ontariotravel.net. Be sure to include photos with your listings. For instructions on how to load DO offers, click here.

Once a package is entered it takes about five business days for it to be reviewed, approved and translated before it is live on the site. Packages come down from the site once the "End Date" has passed but remain in your account. You can edit existing packages or add new ones at any time.

Even if you do not have packages that align with this particular theme, this is a good time to review your packages and make any necessary edits or add new offers. 

For help submitting your packages, please contact:

Marie Cheesman, Partnership Coordinator




For help submitting your business, festivals and events listings, please contact:

Shanyce Fletcher, TCIS Coordinator



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