Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

With the new realties of COVID-19, Digital Marketing has become the predominant avenue for the tourism industry. Working with E-Learning University, the Hamilton Halton Brant Regional Tourism Association is offering a Digital Marketing Certification at no cost available until March 31, 2022.

There are four certifications that that must be completed to receive your Digital Marketing Certification.

Digital Marketing Cert

You can do individual certificates in:

  • Tourism Social Media Marketing Certificate (14 courses 14 hours)
  • Tourism Content Marketing Certificate (6 courses 6 hours)
  • Tourism SEO/SEM Marketing Certificate (8 courses 8 hours)
  • Tourism General Marketing Certificate (7 courses 7 hours)

Each course is compiled of a 1-hour video training and a 5-question quiz.

The quizzes come directly from the content in the video training and must be passed in order to complete the lesson. You may retake the quiz in order to pass. The goal is to verify that you have reviewed and learned the information presented.

Once you complete a section, you will receive a certificate in that particular focus. In order to receive the Tourism Digital Marketing Expert (TDME) Certification, you will need to complete the four certificates detailed above.

It is not required to do the lessons in order. You can move around between sections and lessons.


Get Started!

Step 1: Click here to create a login with E-Learning University. Once you are logged you will also have access to register for upcoming live webinars or view a library of tourism-focused recorded webinars, in addition the access to the Digital Marketing Certification Program.

Step 2: If you already have you login credentials, go to: to start your certification course.

Step 3: Click here to access FREE live and recorded webinars that are offered until March 31, 2022.

Note: All the modules for the Direct Marketing Certification are not yet displayed. They will be happening live over the next 6 months. You may attend the webinar live and then directly access the quiz in your learning portal or you may wait until the video has been added to the library and then view the recorded webinar and take the test. You will immediately have access to several courses which will continue to grow as the live webinars take place.

For details on more modules in the Building Back Better training and skills development series click here.

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