Building Back Better - Training and Skills Development Regional Series

Building Back Better

Tourism has the potential to create and support jobs and boost employment.”

Workforce Training and Skills Development is a program priority for the Hamilton Halton Brant Regional Tourism Association (HHBRTA) as it supports regional tourism. Building Back Better for future business sustainability, employee COVID-19 retraining, retention, and recruitment, and building consumer confidence in businesses is our high-level objective!

The sector continues to comply as the pandemic evolves but as they adapt HHBRTA recognizes that you need assistance with employee skills development, business development skills, and customer service skills development in order to recover economically from their business struggles they have undertaken through the pandemic times to support tourism growth, sustainability and resilience.

This year’s workforce and training series addresses issues related to the development of the tourism industry that meets current and future market demands and training skills that will ultimately enhance competitiveness and sustainability across all tourism industry sectors. With the most pressing need for businesses to have a workforce that can:

  • Work in the current pandemic opening framework
  • Grow their business in current economic realities
  • Look to future growth as the pandemic diminishes
  • Have relevant skills to work in today’s marketplace
  • Be ready for the future of business post pandemic.


Building Back Better Regional Training and Skills Development Series allows Tourism Industry Stakeholders to uncover opportunities to recover and thrive as the province re-opens and simultaneously work on overall economic recovery for post pandemic times to ensure the industry is market ready and competitive in the marketplace.

Building Back Better training modules will include digitization, e-commerce, providing a safe and welcoming place for consumers, partnership skills development, buyable offer creation to diversify customer audiences, mental health and well being skills. All accessible 24/7.

Building Back Better Training & Skills Development Regional Series is targeted to tourism sectors that include:

  • Hospitality (Food, Beverage and Retail)
  • Accommodations
  • Meetings, Conventions & Sports
  • Outdoor Recreation (Operators and Conservation Authorities)
  • Heritage, Arts & Culture
  • Agri-Tourism (Culinary and Rural)
  • Large Attractions and Events
  • Indigenous Tourism

Training and Skills Series

The following outlines the four areas of focus that the Building Back Better Training and Skills Development Regional Tourism Series will include:

HHB Tourism Operator Training

Digital Marketing

Retention and Recruitment

Indigenous Community Tourism Development

See additional program details at the links above.


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