Westfield Heritage Village
Westfield Heritage Village Hamilton

Our Priorities


Hamilton Halton Brant Regional Tourism Association's (HHBRTA) priorities are focused around the following five pillars:

  • Governance and Administration
  • Setting Standards for Success
  • Product Development and Innovation
  • Investment
  • Reaching Out

Best PRactIces

HHBRTA has adopted best practices for destination development, including:

  • Supporting qualified product and experience development
  • Responding to the competitive landscape to identify opportunities, as well as to position the region effectively
  • Supporting and facilitating the delivery of high quality visitor experiences
  • Working within the operational capacity of the destination and its operators
  • Coordinating ongoing destination awareness marketing to establish "The Heart of Ontario" regional visitor experience in the minds of travellers
  • Understanding the needs of both visitors and residents to ensure a balanced approach


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