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Workforce Development and Training

The Hamilton Halton Brant Regional Tourism Association (HHBRTA) is committed to playing a role in facilitating training and development opportunities for tourism and industry stakeholders throughout the region.

Annual Training Series

HHBRTA offers an annual Workforce Development and Training Program that is a series of free workshops and/or webinars to help educate tourism industry partners and business needs. These sessions are focused on marketing, customer service and product/experience development.

Customized Workshops

HHBRTA offers specialized workshops working with industry partners such as, DMOs, BIAs, and Chamber of Commerce to help build incremental tourism business opportunities for their designated business stakeholders and partners.  These workshops can be customized to help a specific area of need leverage regional tourism business development priorities. A minimal fee is charged to offset training development logistics.

Bi-Annual Industry Symposium (every 2 Years)

HHBRTA hosts a Pan-regional educational gathering for industry stakeholders. Each symposium has a specific theme/focus based on industry trends and needs. The Symposium’s programming is specifically planned to convey this message with high caliber speakers, interactive sessions, and industry collaboration and networking. It is also a great way to meet our team.  There is a registration fee to attend.


HHBRTA offers a pan regional industry exchange forum twice a year. This is an opportunity to network and information share with tourism industry partners from across Hamilton Halton and Brant.  The format for these exchanges will always include an education/training component, industry exchange of information to encourage pan-regional industry collaborations, regional tourism updates and leveraging industry partner initiatives to grow tourism receipts.  

Tourism Industry Resources

HHBRTA offers a variety of industry resources that includes presentations, toolkits, bulletins, and research. All materials can be downloaded on our websites under the Resource Tab. We encourage you to check it out.

Details for upcoming educational sessions are always communicated via our tourism partner communications:

Make sure to follow us to receive these updates and stay engaged!

If you are interested in more information regarding any of these training opportunities, please contact Angelica.smith@theheartofontario.com 



Come back often to see the latest workshops on our Corporate Event Calendar. Additional dates, locations and information will be posted on an ongoing basis.

September 22

Safe Cycling 101 (School Age)

This webinar will guide you through everything you need to know about biking with confidence. Topics include: equipment and bike fit, safe riding techniques, rules & responsibilities, interactions with others, choosing your route and much more.

Presented by Halton Region, City of Burlington, Town of Halton Hills, Town of Milton and the Town of Oakville.

Time: 10:00am  - 11:00am 

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September 24

Road Rules

Learn about your rights and responsibilities when interacting with others on the road in this interactive quiz-style workshop. Topics include: laws and fines that apply to both cyclists and drivers, sharing space with pedestrians and other road users, common misconceptions about tuns, parking, passing, right of way and more.

Presented by Halton Region, City of Burlington, Town of Halton Hills, Town of Milton and the Town of Oakville.


Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm 

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September 29

Basic Bike Maintenence

Presented by Halton Region, City of Burlington, Town of Halton Hills, Town of Milton and the Town of Oakville.

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