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The world is changing rapidly. OTEC’s new Resiliency Training Series was developed to address worker skills gaps, and build a more resilient workforce within the uncertain Covid-19 environment.

  1. Participants will receive a certificate
  2. It includes 4 workshops
  3. Each workshop is 2-3 hours

Workshops will:

  • Support worker retention
  • Improve employee satisfaction

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Educational Resources

These FREE virtual training sessions have been organized with tourism business industry needs in mind. The intent is to help tourism operators re-imagine and re-emerge their business to maximize efforts.


Media Buying

Date: November 26th, 2020


Session Details: Learn how to reach new or existing target audiences efficiently & how to use the different types of digital ads to achieve results & maximize spend using paid media.

Instruction Bio: Danielle Fernandes is the President and Co-Founder of Capital Street Media, the President and Founder of Bantr Media Inc, Digital Marketing Agency and the CMO of Thinking North. An entrepreneur, philanthropist, activist, speaker, and writer, Danielle has worked with endless clients from large-scale corporations to smaller scale non-profits and more recently focused time in the capital markets space. Danielle is an avid reader and holds true to a minimum of a book a week ranging from business to classic English literature and any content by her hero, Malcolm Gladwell.


Destination Analysts' Coronavirus Traveler Sentiment Index Study:

Date: January 21st, 2020

Time: 2:00PM

REGISTER HERE. Use Code HHBRTA to access for FREE

Session Details: With the global spread of Covid-19, the travel industry is facing an unprecedented crisis. To help industry leaders navigate their response strategy & communicate to their stakeholders & communities, Destination Analysts' independent Coronavirus Traveler Sentiment Study provides timely insights into feelings & behaviors related to travel. The weekly survey of 1,200+ American leisure and business travellers that started in March 2020 yields data to gauge the pandemic's changing impact on travel as a lifestyle priority. In addition to when travel demand will rebound including which traveler segments and to which types of destinations first.

Instruction Bio: As Destination Analysts' Senior Director of Research, Kimberly Vince Cruz adds value to all steps of the research process, from project launch, to data collection and analyzing findings for final reports. With a client-focused perspective, she takes pride in providing actionable recommendations that ultimately help clients make informed decisions that direct their marketing strategies.


Influencer Travel Marketing During and After Covid

Date: January 28th, 2020

Time: 2:00pm

REGISTER HERE. Use Code HHBRTA to access for FREE

Session Details: How do you market travel utilizing influencers in the age of coronavirus? This session will discuss the interesting ways influencers & digital marketers have used technology to market during these unprecedented times.

Instruction Bio: Roger Wu is the co-founder of the sponsored content marketplace, Cooperatize. Prior to Cooperatize, he started and Klickable.TV and was an intra-preneur- at Bloomberg's BLAW group. He started on Wall Street at investment banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. He's been published in a variety of outlets including Forbes, Quartz, and Mediapost. He holds three degrees from the Management and Technology Program of the University of Pennsylvania.


How to Create a Month of Content in 1 Hour

Date: February 25th, 2020

Time: 2:00pm

REGISTER HERE. Use Code HHBRTA to access for FREE

Session Details: This session will teach you what you need to do to get all your social media content for the next month brainstormed, created and implemented -- in just one hour! Karlyn will walk you through a system to build social media strategies, brainstorm buckets of content ideas, capture creative content in record time, AND define 'don't miss' metrics to inform your next month's content creation session.

Instruction Bio: Karlyn Williams is the founder and lead strategist at Oh Snap! Social, managing the company's client-base while overseeing all social media strategies, artistic creation, content marketing implementation, and metrics. Backed by a Bachelor's degree in Journalism, during the past eight years in the social media industry, Karlyn has seen platforms come, go, and grow, making her well-versed in what it takes to get noticed in this noisy online world with content that converts.



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