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The RTO has now been operational for 8 years, however, it did not have a staff resource in place until the middle of year 2 (June 2011). Since then, the organization has grown and evolved to operationalize the region’s Tourism Strategy (2012-15) and now the renewed Strategy (2015-18).  

Along this timeframe, workflow and initiatives have been continually optimized to ensure industry need and priorities are being achieved. Over this time, an organizational structure has been established, which at the juncture of the organization’s developments in 2016, required a review to current processes and forecast future need (per the renewed Tourism Strategy framework) to maximize business and human resource efforts. In January 2016 a review was undertaken with a strategic focus to the future to ensure that a sustainable organizational foundation is in place to continue to move the tourism development pendulum, working collaboratively with industry.

On May 5, the implementation of a transformed organizational structure, that evolved from the business review, has taken root. New job descriptions have been developed that align with the new Strategic Plan and business requirements. Every member of our team makes a valuable contribution to the organization’s short term and long term success and objectives as an organization, and contribute to a culture of inclusiveness as well as service excellence.

The transformed team structure will build on existing industry relation efforts to increase and enhance tourism industry developments in our region. We are focussed on working with industry partners to increase tourism receipts.  

HHBRTA Team members are always happy to hear from you and look forward to learning more about your business and how we might work together. Get in touch using the information below!

Maria Fortunato; Executive Director
905-297-0190 ext. 101

Adrienne Carter; Manager, Destination Development & Finance
905-297-0190 ext. 103

Angelica Smith; Industry Relations Officer
905-297-0190 ext. 105

Brittany Hunter; Marketing & Communications Officer
905-297-0190 ext. 104

Bev Scott; Tourism Product Development Specialist
905-297-0190 ext. 107

Ann Behnke; Financial & Office Administrator
905-297-0190 ext. 102


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